Brown Paper Creative Community

It’s easy to feel lonely as a small business owner! You might bounce ideas off friends and family from time to time, but do you ever get the impression they don’t really get it? Or something comes up that feels like a huge challenge, and you end up stressing out about it alone? That’s why the Brown Paper Creative Community was born! There are a plethora of online places and large Facebook groups to join, but I always felt lost in the crowd. Plus, seeing others far ahead of me in business frequently evoked thoughts of comparison and failure in me.

Brown Paper Creative Community focuses on listening when you need a sounding board, advising when you need straight answers, and offering a safe space for you to connect with others in the early days of your business.
If you’ve recently made a sale and want to share your joy with others, bring your successes to the group and we’ll all do a happy dance with you! But, if you’re having a hard time, we’ll be there to support and cheer you up so you don’t feel so alone. When you’re sitting at your workbench or desk alone, there are so many parts of business that can feel daunting, but you can turn to the group whenever those feelings appear.

I realised how crucial communities are for small business owners after founding Brown Paper Festival. Many people have found solace in meeting people who understand the ins and outs of running a business. It’s so important to be surrounded by these people, and joining an online group is a wonderful, less intense way to do so.

We have regular discussion topics in the group to help you meet other members (bonus if they are local to you too!), work through any current issues in your business and give you opportunities promote your lovely products! The best part is that you can post too! Maybe you have a problem that you need help solving, or you’ve found something that you think could help out others. At Brown Paper Creative Community, I take satisfaction in the fact that the group will remain manageable; it will not grow into a massive faceless page with too many members. It’s not about the numbers; the group exists to ensure that you are always heard and supported when you need it. That is my priority! Plus, with a zero-tolerance policy for rudeness, you will feel safe sharing.

When you sign up, you’ll get instant access to some bonus content, including social media ideas, Canva advice, and productivity and self-care tips. Plus optional Zoom calls to talk to real people and focus on a variety of topics that will help you run your business!

So… what’s included in your membership?

  • Entry into the exclusive group that supports members, it is hosted on a dedicated app (Mighty Networks) with lots of wonderful features
  • A group of lovely experts will be in the group who can lend a helping hand with subjects such as PR, social media, business coaching, wholesale and more!
  • Monthly zoom calls, these are completely optional but are a great way to chat to new people and discuss your wins and worries!
  • 10% off markets, events and products from Brown Paper Festival
  • Email support from myself whenever you need it, I’m always happy to help so if you have any problems or need a pep talk just let me know! 

Doors are closed at the moment whilst I take a break but we will hopefully be back very soon!

What do existing members think of the community ?

Being part of the Brown Paper Festival community is such a lovely experience. Megan is an amazing host, so supportive of small businesses and always offering helpful tips and advice. I love that it’s such a welcoming space to ask questions, share what’s happening in your business and hear what others are doing in theirs. I’ve made some wonderful friends and can’t say enough good things about being part of such a brilliant community.

Allie @ Eila Natural Skincare

I didn’t realise how lonely running my business was until the pandemic hit and isolated me in all the other areas of my life. Joining Megan’s markets and then joining her community of makers makes me feel like I have some folk within touching distance that know what it’s like to run your own creative business. I’ve learnt loads and definitely feel less lonely!

Renee @ The Girl Who Gardens

Terms and Conditions

  • Payment is taken through Paypal, you will need to have a Paypal account to sign up.
  • You are signing up for a regular subscription so every cycle (per month or per year depending on which subscription you choose) money will be taken from your Paypal account/bank account.
  • Subscriptions will be automatically taken on the day of the month you sign up (not the 1st of the month). You will be able to check your subscription in Settings on your account.
  • You can cancel at any time and will continue to be in the group until the last day of your remaining month. You will also be able to take part in any remaining zoom calls left .
  • If you want to cancel you have a cooling off period to get a refund. If paying per month you have 7 days after payment is taken to cancel and get a full refund for that cycle. If paying annually you have 14 days after payment is taken to cancel.
  • All details are kept by me and won’t be passed on to or used by anyone else.
  • Anyone found to be rude, mean or discriminatory (in the group or within the group zoom calls) will be given 1 warning. If they proceed to continue this behaviour they will have their subscription cancelled and they will be removed from the group.
  • No refunds will be given unless a mistake can be proven (ie. double purchases)